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TV Show Recaps

In the tradition of Television Without Pity, TVGasm, and Jammer's Reviews, I'm pleased to present these television recaps. For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, a recap is a retelling of a TV show, usually including some critical analysis and some humor. Maybe more of one than the other. This is intended to be an ongoing project, so check back semi-regularly for new recaps. Enjoy!

CSI: "Built to Kill, Part II" - 09-28-06

CSI: "Built to Kill, Part I" - 09-21-06

CSI: "Way to Go" - 05-18-06

CSI: "Bang Bang" - 05-11-06

CSI: "Time of Your Death" - 05-04-06

CSI: "Rashomama" - 04-27-06

CSI: "I Like to Watch" - 03-09-06

CSI: "Pirates of the Third Reich" - 02-09-06

Stargate: Atlantis "Michael" - 02-24-06


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