The Inner Crab


The Temp Article - This article was first published in Citizens, a now-defunct public-access-type section of the local newspaper. I wrote it in 1996 while I was working for a big blue computer company through a temp agency. The manager of the temp agency actually saw the article, and the next time I went into the agency's office, she cornered me about it. She seemed a little hurt (or pissed, I forget) that I wasn't constantly squirming around in ecstasy over being employed there and earning the temp agency so much money. In retrospect, I suppose I was a loutish ingrate, but I was on a social justice kick at the time. We'll call it youthful indiscretion.

There's not much point in going to college if you're not going to be brash and opinionated - that was my stand, anyway, my first time through college. The articles below, on the politically correct movement and meritocracy, were written during that giddy, cranky, devil-may-care era known as the early 90s. I'm including these older rants as-is for three reasons: one, they're a snapshot of my mindset and writing style at the time; two, I think they're still somewhat relevant (if inelegantly executed); and three, I'm way, way, way too lazy to re-write them. Age, thankfully, brings a smidgen of wisdom and restraint with it, but I think it's good to reflect on one's roots - even if only as a reminder that I still don't have all the answers.

Meritocracy - I speculate that most smart people have fantasized about living in a meritocracy (a social structure in which people advance based on skills and intelligence instead of money and treachery) at least once in their lives.

The PC Movement - Nothing beats a good coercive utopia, unless it's a bilious rant against the same.

Parenthood - This essay is on parenthood. It's positive and hopeful, and I included it here to serve as a sort of refreshing sorbet between rants.

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