The Inner Crab

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is this "Inner Crab"?

A - The Inner Crab is your defender. He is that thin brownish-green line that protects your heart and your sanity from the predators and jerks of the world. Your inner crab is the little voice that prompts you to question your government, to get references, to think for yourself. Some people might call him 'cynicism,' but those people are assholes. Your inner crab defends all that is good and pure inside you from pollution by the hungry corporations, the gibbering media, and the oily politicians of the world. Your inner crab is that chitinous part of yourself which deflects the slings and arrows of dishonesty, corruption, and manipulation.

Q - Why does your site's logo look like it was drawn by a below-average four-year-old? Aren't crabs suposed to have more legs than that? You could probably pay five bucks for a decent clip-art of a crab, you know. Having an inaccurate crab is almost worse than having no crab at all, isn't it?

A - Go to hell.


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