The Inner Crab

Puppy Love

Running jumping drinking milk from mommy and then the new man comes and he smells like so and he takes me away to a new den and mommy is gone. New den is bed and warm and food and the man who smells like so and he plays with me and now he smells like happy and like love. Sometimes the man is loud and smells mad and sounds like mlah mlah sam, mlah mlah. Sam is me.

The man says I am a wiener dog. The man says I am Sam. The man is daddy. Daddy smells like love and happy and we go outside the den and there are lots of other smells from other Sams and dogs. I leave my own smell like so. Sometimes they answer back and they smell like friendly or mean. I like other mans but not other Sams very much because they are very big. Daddy says good dog and no bitey and bad dog and down. Sometimes we go in the moving den and we play in grass where other Sams have been but they are not here now, and Daddy picks me up and he smells like love and I smell like happy. I learn things from the other smells. Some dogs are boy dogs and some dogs are girl dogs, and some dogs are cats.

Daddy took me in the moving den to another place with a dog who was like me and he went away for a long time. He came back to save me but he was too late because the other dog jumped on me and was inside me and he smelled like so. Today we went outside the den and it is very notwarm and there is the strange grass on the ground that smells like nothing and I don’t like it very much. I am big now in the middle of me and I feel little squirmings inside me. Daddy stays in our den more now and gives me lots of touching, and I smell like happy and strange. Tonight Daddy sleeps near my bed and talks to me, and then something new and hurting is coming out of me. There are little Sams coming out of me one two three four. They are very little and they drink from me like I am a mommy. They smell like new and like sick, and they go away four three two one gone. Daddy smells like sad and I smell like sad, and I miss the little Sams.

Daddy and I went in the moving den for a long time, and sometimes we stopped and ran in new grass and smelled new smells. We went to a new den with new people, a boy man and a girl man, and two cat dogs. The cat dogs didn’t like me, and they made mean sounds. Daddy gave me lots of touching and talked to me and he smelled like happy and sad, and then he went away for a very long time. I live with the new people now, and they give me food and take me out to the grass, and their den smells like cat dogs. Then Daddy comes back and he smells like happy and I smell like happy and love love love and we go in the moving den again and we are home!

Sometimes other mans come to play with us, and they are girl mans or boy mans and mostly they smell like happy but sometimes they smell like sad or like cat dogs. Sometimes when Daddy goes away the girl man who smells like so will come to see me, and she gives me love and food and takes me outside. When Daddy comes home I am very love and happy. When it is cold in the den I can lie next to Daddy and he is warm and smells like Daddy, and he holds me and makes smooth sounds. I am a good dog and when I go to sleep I am happy.

Daddy takes me to the den where man who pokes me lives. The man who pokes me smells like many dogs and cat dogs, and he pokes me and I go to sleep and later one of my biteys is gone and I hurt. Daddy gives me love and soft food but I still hurt and we go to see the man who pokes me again and again. I smell like sick and Daddy smells like scared and love and I smell like love. Today I smell like sick and I can’t breathe and I smell like scared. Daddy comes home and I go to him so he can make me better, and I fall down. Daddy picks me up and we run to the moving den and Daddy smells like scared and sad and love and I smell like scared and sad and love and then I can’t smell any more but I can feel Daddy holding me and I am happy and sad and everything is going away.

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