The Inner Crab

Fiction Writing

The Cure - This piece was originally written as a class exercise, but I liked it so much I polished it up and turned it into a full story. If you like creepy, you'll like this.

The Calm Before - This story is good old-fashioned science fiction. The only thing that's missing is sex with a hot alien babe, but I'm working on that.

Wraith's Elegy - This piece is really more of a personal essay, but I'm entirely too lazy to screw around making a whole new section on the site for it, so there we are. It was written in 1993, revised several times over the years, and it won first place in a contest. I forget which contest. It's about the loss of a first love. Yes, it's that kind of essay. If you're rolling your eyes already, then piss off and don't read it. Otherwise, enjoy!

The Other Son - This story was written several years ago. It's a religious "What If" story, with a sci-fi twist. It follows one theological variant of the "war in heaven" concept, in which Jesus and Lucifer were both up for the position of Savior. In this variant, Jesus proposed free will and choice, while Lucifer proposed compulsion. In my story, Lucifer got the job.

Puppy Love - This is a story from a dog's point of view. It's an experimental piece, and it's kind of sad, because the story behind this story is sad.

Inconsolable - This is a dark comedy, but it's here in Fiction because I felt like it. Stop judging me.

Indigo - This story is about two people who don't fall in love.

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